Pals beach

The community of Pals is divided into three parts: Pals, Masos de Pals and Pals beach.

The location of the medieval Pals is characteristic for most of the towns of the Empordà: the centre on the top of a hill just off on the plain covered once by lakes and wetlands. In the case of Pals, these lakes are still used for the cultivation rice.

Masos de Pals, in between Pals and Pals beach, was once a collection of scattered farmhouses of great architectural interest. Currently, however, it offers also some nice residential areas.

Pals beach has a wide sand beach with a total length of 3.5 km, ideal for all kinds of water sports; just behind the beach are natural wetlands and paddy fields ideal for hiking and biking.
Furthermore Pals offers a varied choice of quality hotels, campsites, apartments, pensions, rural tourism, golf, tennis, etc., and a variety of typical restaurants and shops.

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